• Understand how to write professional documents can be complemented by using the features of MS Word to produce professional documents
  • Plan a presentation can be made more effective by using MS PowerPoint to bring your point across to the audience
  • Understand finance and managing a budget can become easier by using MS Excel
  • Save time by using the advanced features of MS Outlook to manage your day and your tasks all in one place!


By attending this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Enhance on your existing skills using Microsoft Office® i.e. produce professional documents, powerful presentations, spread sheets
  • Write effective documents and reports and produce professional documents using the functions of MS Word
  • Plan an effective presentation and complement it with a professional MS PowerPoint presentation
  • Keep track of your budget and understand the importance of managing your finances by using MS Excel to keep track.
  • Save time and be productive using time management techniques by using MS Outlook i.e. email, tasks, to-do list and calendars

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Written Communication and Report Writing Skills - Producing Professional Documents Using MS Word®

  • Write documents using the correct style and composition
  • Analyse and organise the context of your message
  • Apply the rhetorical triangle to your writing to get the results you want i.e. the writer, audience and context
  • Write and send emails using netiquette i.e. a set of social conventions that facilitate interaction over networks
  • Insert illustrations e.g. pictures, clip art, shapes and charts into a MS Word® document
  • Insert headers, footers and page numbers to give your document readability in MS Word®
  • Use the table of contents and numbering to produce a professional document
  • Apply a style to a document and make save it as a template for future use in MS Word®
  • Apply themes and backgrounds to your document in MS Word®
  • Proof check your document before sending it out using MS Word®
  • Create templates to ensure consistency in the layout of your document in MS Word®

Effective Presentation Skills - Making an Impact With Your MS PowerPoint® Presentation

  • Apply the 5 s’s of effective presentations
  • Deliver a presentation with confidence
  • Handle fear and manage presentation nerves
  • Think on your feet and be prepared for all situations
  • Insert pictures, clipart, word art, shapes, audio and visual to your MS PowerPoint slides to impress your audience using PowerPoint®
  • Insert a theme and a background style to your MS PowerPoint® presentation
  • Insert transitions and animations to make your MS PowerPoint® slides flow smoothly from one to the other
  • Set up a MS PowerPoint® slide show

Managing Your Finances - Understanding the Functions Of MS Excel to Create a Budget

  • Understand management accounts
  • Understand budgets
  • Read financial statements
  • Insert tables, graphs and charts to illustrate your information in MS Excel®
  • Apply formulas to automatically calculate cells and get instant results in your MS Excel®
  • apply conditional formatting to easily identify information in your MS Excel®
  • Manipulate data to build reports and dashboards

Effective Time Management - How to Use Calendars, To-Do Lists, Tasks and, Reminders Effectively Using MS Outlook®

  • Manage your time instead of time managing you!
  • Manage interruptions and take control
  • Identify time stealers and how to overcome them
  • Stay in control of your schedule and maximise your personal productivity
  • Manage a To-Do List and set reminders in MS Outlook®
  • Schedule meetings, events and appointments in MS Outlook®
  • Work with calendars in MS Outlook®
  • Streamline your tasks in MS Outlook®
  • Manage your MS Outlook® inbox, organise and categorise your email folders
  • Create rules and junk mail filters in MS Outlook®
  • Sort, store and search your email in MS Outlook®


Want enhance on your existing skills using Microsoft Office?


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