Friday 30 August 2019

In this woman`s networking event you will learn habits to make you happier, healthier and more resilient.

Programme Overview

Module 1: Believe you Can Do It

  • How you explain your success and failures predicts
  • Adopt a “growth mindset” rather than a fixed one
  • Take notice of your thoughts and adjust them as needed

Module 2: Get Off Life`s Treadmill

  • Why we are poor predictors of our own happiness and how you can get it right
  • Developing the ability to be content while also aiming high
  • Tailoring your own personal happiness program

Module 3: Stop Trying to Fix your Weaknesses

  • Identifying and embracing your strengths
  • Finding ways to use your strengths to conquer challenges
  • Learn to speak well of yourself

Module 4: Cultivate Positive Emotion

  • How a surprising but easy formula will save your relationships and transform your life
  • Building an emotional bank account of positive experiences

Module 5: Being Prepared for Battle

  • Why you must expect obstacles
  • How to have a proven plan to overcome the obstacles

Module 6: Don`t Go it Alone

  • Why authentic connections are more important than ever
  • How you can cultivate authentic connection
Post Course Assistance

“Contact the Coach” – Learning for Business Results

Raising the Standards offers a continued learning relationship providing free access to post course support to embed the knowledge gained. Our advisors are subject matter experts in each area of specialisation.

Delegates can “Contact the Coach” for support, information or assistance with additional questions regarding the application of theory covered during the course.