Accredited course: US-252025, NQF Level 5,8 Credits)

This course will arm participants with the knowledge to assess, monitor and deal with risks in the most effective manner by logically identifying various solutions to overcome obstacles in the work environment. It is aimed at managers in different economic sectors. These managers would typically be second level managers such as heads of department, business unit heads as well as managers who may have more than one team reporting to them. Being able to assess and respond accordingly to risk in the internal and external environment of a business will play a key role in the success of your organization.

Course Content:

This course will equip the learners with the ability to manage risk is an invaluable skill that will help businesses to approach future decisions more confidently.

  • Module 1: Understand Potential Risk
  • Module 2: Identify Potential Risks and Assess Impact in a Unit
  • Module 3: Develop Contingency Plans for Managing Risk
  • Module 4: Test and Revise Contingency Plans
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