This course shows you how to use technology and your soft skills to save time and be more productive in the workplace.

  • Understand how to write professional documents can be complemented by using the features of MS Word to produce professional documents
  • Plan a presentation can be made more effective by using MS PowerPoint to bring your point across to the audience
  • Understand finance and managing a budget can become easier by using MS Excel
  • Save time by using the advanced features of MS Outlook to manage your day and your tasks all in one place!
Course Outcomes:

By attending this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Enhance on your existing skills using Microsoft Office® i.e. produce professional documents, powerful presentations, spread sheets
  • Write effective documents and reports and produce professional documents using the functions of MS Word
  • Plan an effective presentation and complement it with a professional MS PowerPoint presentation
  • Keep track of your budget and understand the importance of managing your finances by using MS Excel to keep track.
  • Save time and be productive using time management techniques by using MS Outlook i.e. email, tasks, to-do list and calendars
Course Outline:
  • Written Communication and Report Writing Skills - Producing Professional Documents Using MS Word®
  • Effective Presentation Skills - Making an Impact With Your MS PowerPoint® Presentation
  • Managing Your Finances - Understanding the Functions Of MS Excel to Create a Budget
  • Effective Time Management - How to Use Calendars, To-Do Lists, Tasks and, Reminders Effectively Using MS Outlook®
Post Course Assistance:

“Contact the Coach” – Learning for Business Results

Raising the Standards offers a continued learning relationship providing free access to post course support to embed the knowledge gained. Our advisors are subject matter experts in each area of specialisation.

Delegates can “Contact the Coach” for support, information or assistance with additional questions regarding the application of theory covered during the course.

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