Managing time is of utmost importance in the workplace to meet deadlines and to be productive.

There are many time wasters out there, for example interruptions, procrastination, and lack of organisation. But a common time waster is that we do not really know how we to use the software we to do jobs quickly and efficiently and by doing so, SAVE TIME!

When producing documents such as manuals, board papers, assignments or any lengthy document that requires headings, multi-level numbering, table of contents etc., it is important that they look professional and that there is consistency throughout the document. A document that is set up properly in the beginning will be quick to edit and make changes, if necessary, saving time all round and impressing the boss! Handing in a first-class document on time, first time will not only show your professionalism but boost your ego.

Course Outcomes:

By attending this course, you will be able to:

  • Work with tables and charts
  • Customize formats using styles and themes
  • Using images in the document
  • Insert content using building blocks and quick parts
  • Use templates
  • Create and edit professional looking documents for a variety of purposes and situations
Course Outline:
  • Module 1:  Working with sections and columns
  • Module 2:  Formatting tables
  • Module 3:  Working with imported data
  • Module 4:  Using styles and building blocks
  • Module 5:  Working with headers and footers
  • Module 6:  Working with graphics
  • Module 7:  Templates
Post Course Assistance:

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