The course on Emotional Intelligence teaches the delegates a set of core skills to become better at managing themselves and others.

Emotional skills can easily come to distinguish individuals from the rest and lead them to a much more rewarding and successful life. This course covers all the fundamental competencies within EI and by using extensive and elaborate exercises, prepares the delegates to face the real life issues armed with the new emotional and practical skills.

Course Outcomes:

The best way to learn Emotional Intelligence is through group interactions and in a controlled environment such as a training course. This course is designed to cover critical competencies within EI and train the delegates to become much more skilled in EI. Questionnaires, individual exercises, group practicals and home exercises are provided to make sure the delegates receive an all-round training experience and can immediately benefit from the skills.

Course Outline:
  • Module 1: Introduction to EI
  • Module 2: Empathy
  • Module 3: Self-Awareness
  • Module 4: Self-Management
  • Module 5: Self-Motivation
  • Module 6: Social Awareness
  • Module 7: Relationship Management
Post Course Assistance:

“Contact the Coach” – Learning for Business Results

Raising the Standards offers a continued learning relationship providing free access to post course support to embed the knowledge gained. Our advisors are subject matter experts in each area of specialisation.

Delegates can “Contact the Coach” for support, information or assistance with additional questions regarding the application of theory covered during the course.

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Raising the Standards offers a special fee for all in-house group bookings