As humans, we have a natural tendency to fear the unknown which often results in resistance to change. In a state of resistance, employees will find it difficult to let go of the old and fully embrace the new. Thus, the numerous advantages of a more effective, efficient and updated workspace can be compromised if the human side of change is not carefully considered and managed.

Getting organisational change initiatives right can be extremely challenging: 60% of big, structural changes end in failure and consequent losses in revenue, productivity and competitiveness. Evidence suggests that employees feel the stress of change initiatives directly and change-stressed employees perform 5% worse than the average employee. By focusing on change management, employees are assisted in managing the human side of change business.

Course Outcomes:

This course covers a number of critical guidelines in change management and what is needed to maximise the likelihood of success. Delegates will learn about stages of change, how to persuade people, why people resist change and how to manage organisational changes. Numerous techniques and management tools in addition to exercises are provided to introduce delegates to change management and help them become more skilled when facing change.

Course Outline:
  • Module 1: Why Change?
  • Module 2: How Change Affects People
  • Module 3: How Organisational Change Works
  • Module 4: Managing Resistance
  • Module 5: How to Manage Change
  • Module 6: Mentoring, Coaching and Motivating
  • Module 7: Management Tools
Post Course Assistance:

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Delegates can “Contact the Coach” for support, information or assistance with additional questions regarding the application of theory covered during the course.

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