Advanced communication skills take the basics of communication skills and frames them with a general understanding of how the communication process works.

When you understand all the elements involved when people communicate, you can learn to influence not only your own communication, but the communication of others.  Advanced communication skills are leadership skills.  They guide and direct communication between yourself and others so that you can achieve your goals and outcomes.

Course Outcomes:

On completion of this course, delegates will understanding:

  • The communications process - types of input and the filters we use when we receive the input
  • How we ‘map’ the information in our minds once it’s received and why we should care
  • Internal representation - the different ways that we can perceive our world and the main representational systems we use to do so
  • Tools you can use for advanced communication such as reframing and word choices you can make that will help you further your communication with others
  • How to build rapport with the people around you (even the ones you don’t like!)
  • The power of effective writing skills and how to plan your writing
Course Outline:
  • Introduction – Advanced Communication Skills
  • Review of communication basics
  • Examining the communication process
  • Internal representation
  • Building Rapport
  • Effective business writing
Post Course Assistance:

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