Managing the way you are managed

I’m not leaving the company, I’m leaving my manager. Yes, most of us have heard that ‘people don’t leave companies, they leave managers’. Yet despite the loss of great people that would have inevitably added value and contributed to the company’s success, managers with high staff turnover still retain their positions. Why is this the

Value trumps titles

I have alluded to this issue previously and will continue to do so because if I don’t, I might just explode with pent-up passion. People matter. Every one of them – even those you wish would rather matter on a bug-infested island all by themselves… One of the reasons this stirs me is because I

Fit to lead?

I never thought I would admit this publicly. But here it is: I love the way I feel after a gym session. I can’t say that I like going to the gym and the weeping and gnashing of teeth transpiring while bobbing, bouncing and bending… but when it’s done – man, I feel I can