Tomorrow is Feedback Friday

When are you ready to give feedback to a subordinate or colleague? At Raising the Standards we have ‘Feedback Friday’s’. We also have “Make it Happen Mondays” and “What’s New Wednesdays ”.  But ‘Feedback Fridays’ are my personal favourite. It is on this day that I get to sit with each team member and give them feedback on: What I

Skirting the issue

There could be many titles for this blog. A few come to mind: ‘Suck it up’; ‘Just get on with it’; ‘Stop your nonsense’; ‘You won’t get paid’; ‘Be responsible’; ‘Set an example’; ‘It’s the right thing to do’; etc. (I could continue but not without the added colour of expletives.) We all have them

Decision Bottleneck

Oh no … I was having my first panic attack! My reaction was triggered by the very carefully worded e-mail, (similar to so many I had sent in the past to project leaders and managers) inquiring whether I had received the proposal (which arrived in my mailbox 3 weeks ago) and whether I have any

For James

A 2009 article in Forbes magazine makes this statement, “We all know our fair share of corporate bullies – the managers who abuse power, yell, harass and micromanage their way through life. Usually their office antics breed resentment, sabotage, ‘mental health days’ and costly turnover.” Having been a witness of such behaviour this week –

Damaging Designer Labels

   You know when people start a conversation with, “I don’t want to gossip, but…”, and that serves as a prelude to some chin-wagging? Well, I don’t want to judge but… On my way to Sandton on the Gautrain I overheard (could not help it – he was shouting) a rather heated discussion between a middle

Shopping Like Sheep

Let me state upfront that I am an optimist. Not only is the glass half-full, but I’m turning the tap. That does not mean that I am blind to areas where we can really do better as a nation – especially because we have so much to offer the world and each other. You can

Someone’s Got To!

Raise the Standards …. Someone’s got to! Some people get a Ferrari; others trade in their spouse or pursue other hobbies of a similar dubious nature; still others resign themselves to the fact that at that time of your life, the latter is what it is and you should put on your big-girl panties and