3 Reasons to become a Mentor

Wondering why it might be worth your limited time to seek out opportunities to mentor others? Here are 3 great reasons: 1. Establish new connections You can never know too many people. The power of networking is undeniable, and mentoring is an opportunity for mentors to establish new relationships. 2. Build soft skills Mentorship often requires mentors to

Tomorrow is Feedback Friday

When are you ready to give feedback to a subordinate or colleague? At Raising the Standards we have ‘Feedback Friday’s’. We also have “Make it Happen Mondays” and “What’s New Wednesdays ”.  But ‘Feedback Fridays’ are my personal favourite. It is on this day that I get to sit with each team member and give them feedback on: What I

Leading by fear gets things DONE!

“Leading by fear gets things done! You know how ‘they’ are, if they see any sign of weakness they take chances “. This was the response from a senior manager (let’s call him Mr Boss) who had just received feedback from yours truly, highlighting concerns regarding the morale and learned helplessness behaviour of his team.  Ironically,

Are You Losing Your Marbles? Making Time Matter

Well in my case, I have exactly 1353 marbles left and I can prove it! Before you start questioning my sanity, let me explain. The amount of marbles represents the number of weeks I have left until I am 70 years old. Why 70 years old? According to United Nations World Population Prospects 2015 Revision, the average life expectancy is 69 years (67 years for