Raising the Standards Solutions was established in 2013 and is 100% female owned BEE Level 2 training provider. We are a SETA accredited training company that offer both short course in professional and interpersonal skills and computer training. We also offer Management Development and Peer Coaching Programmes.

At Raising the Standards we apply a partnership model. This means we partner with our clients to provide a learning experience instead of once-off courses. In partnership with our clients we structure courses according to company goals and needs. With a focus on adult learning for professionals, our performance driven instruction method encourages participants to engage in the learning process by practicing their skills in a safe environment and receiving immediate feedback building both competence and confidence.

We initially started in a small office at the back of a house in a residential area, and as a new kid on the block in a market flooded by training companies, the biggest challenge was initially to break into the market and actually build a credible reputation. As a small emerging business we focused on developing affordable training options for small businesses and this worked for us. We currently have 5 staff members in our admin and sales department and 8 highly experienced facilitators in our team. Our biggest success to date has been that 82% of our business is based on customer referrals.


Raising the Standards is a Services SETA Accredited training provider. We are also fully endorsed by the Association for Office Professionals of South Africa, a SAQA registered Professional Body.

Raising the Standards is a license holder to provide the Peer to Peer Coaching Programme.


Our Commitment

  • To offer the highest standard of relevant technical and interpersonal skills training.
  • To act professionally in all circumstances and reflect our competent in our image.
  • To achieve excellence in customer satisfaction.
  • To conduct our affairs in a spirit of social conscience and aid in the development of our country.
Report Writing
Advanced Communication

Company Goals & Objectives

  • To enable our clients to maintain a competitive advantage in the modern business arena through effective skills training and ongoing mentorship.
  • Maintain and improve the knowledge and understanding necessary to encourage success, and empower learners to maximise their available opportunities through professional competence.
  • To express commitment to quality and customer satisfaction at all times.
  • To deliver excellent training interventions.


Raising the Standards offers highly interactive and practical courses in the following areas.

  • Leadership and management
  • Peer to Peer Coaching and Training
  • Business Communication
  • Managing Communication
  • Self-Development
  • Computer Skills
Training Features
  • Standard as well as customised training interventions to meet your needs.
  • Accredited training provider, training material and registered facilitators, assessors and moderators.
  • Facilitators are experienced subject matter experts.
Training Benefits
  • Provide the learner with a Certificate and feedback on performance.
  • Positive self-image and sense of accomplishment.
  • Improved skills and knowledge in the workplace.
  • Increased opportunities – promotion, career change, personal development.
  • Opportunities to be assessed and earn credits towards a qualification.
  • Improved skills make the learner marketable.
Client After Sales Service
  • Detailed report on learner’s ability to apply the skills and attitude toward training
  • Support of learners throughout the learning programme
  • Following up on learners with regard to assigned tasks and assisting with evidence and submission of assignments
  • Free telephonic and email support and help for an indefinite period
  • Assisting with competency


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