Our Commitment to you

  • To offer the highest standard of relevant technical and interpersonal skills training.
  • To act professionally in all circumstances and reflect our competent in our image.
  • To achieve excellence in customer satisfaction.
  • To conduct our affairs in a spirit of social conscience and aid in the development of our country.

Our Company Goals & Objectives

  • To enable our clients to maintain a competitive advantage in the modern business arena through effective skills training and ongoing mentorship.
  • Maintain and improve the knowledge and understanding necessary to encourage success, and empower learners to maximise their available opportunities through professional competence.
  • To express commitment to quality and customer satisfaction at all times.
  • To deliver excellent training interventions.

Training Variety

Raising the Standards offers highly interactive and practical courses in the following areas.

  • Leadership and management
  • Peer to Peer Coaching and Training
  • Business Communication
  • Managing Communication
  • Self-Development
  • Computer Skills

Raising the Standards is a Services SETA Accredited training provider.

We are also fully endorsed by the Association for Office Professionals of South Africa, a SAQA registered Professional Body.

Raising the Standards is a license holder to provide the Peer to Peer Coaching Programme.

Raising the Standards is a Level 1 BEE Contributor