Professionalism Training

WHY Professionalism Training

Why you might ask, should Professionalism training be necessary, after all, everyone knows what professionalism is – don’t they?

PROFESSIONALISM: {def} the competence or skill expected of a professional. – “the key to quality and efficiency is professionalism

That doesn’t say much does it?  And so it is for the very definition each one gives to the word. We all know what it is but how do we describe it?  That is the key to Professionalism training.

Entry level staff

Many youngsters enter the job market with misconceptions about what will be expected from them and walk into an office where what is expected, they have had no training in.  I often ask my delegates, “does your job description include that you should smile?” No one has ever said yes to that and yet, it is an expected requirement of every job. How many other “expectations” are there for a youngster entering the big world of business such as checking your work, not gossiping, communicating difficulties or timeousness.

Frontline Service

Did you know that 97% of communication is non-verbal?  That means that when one of your staff answers the phone badly, there is a 100% chance of your customer gaining a negative perception of your business, and their first thought is, “what an unprofessional person!” and their second thought is “what kind of company hires someone like that?”  When it comes to customer service and brand value, hiring unprofessional or untrained staff is a big NO NO and yet of course, all companies need to hire entry level staff into their business and to grow young talent.

Our tried and tested professionalism course covers Self Image tied to Corporate Image, Accountability as well as Professional Communication all the way to Conflict management and all of this in just one day.

Professionalism – the key to every business’ continued growth!

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