Raising the Standards Solutions offers a wide range of solutions to your training needs with a selection of courses that cover everything from basic to advanced computer training in the latest operating systems and application software to interpersonal (soft) skills development training.

In-house training courses can be customised to suit the target group and each organisation’s specific skills requirement. We develop business partnerships with our clients by analysing training needs, understanding the outcomes required and offering solutions that ensure identified objectives are guaranteed within specific timescales.

The main focus of our training is to ensure that the knowledge acquired is applied successfully, adding real value and making a visible difference to work performance in the business environment.




Pursuing her passion for people empowerment and development, Bianca also provides a freelance facilitation service to reputable accredited companies and is a public speaker.

"I love what I do. It is extremely gratifying to see our clients either recapture or find their passion for what they do and how their skills contribute to their organisation’s bigger picture."


Prior to starting her own company, Bianca was the Manager of Employee Wellness, Sports and Recreation at the CSIR, and has over 17 years’ experience in management and administration.

She has filled different roles in her career including being the Manager responsible for Executive Projects, Board and Committee secretariat, Personal Assistant to various Executives, as well as being the Executive Assistant to the President and CEO of CSIR; she was later promoted to the Office Manager in the CEO’s office.

"I believe in walking the talk; it gives us satisfaction, keeps us learning, and adds value to others."


Her experience in both leadership and support roles lends to an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the experience required and dynamics involved in navigating the corporate world.


It takes courage to continually strive for improvement; to be vigilant about breaking out of a comfort zone. Courage and perseverance are undervalued attributes in the workplace, yet it is exactly these qualities that transform ‘good’ into ‘excellent’. Training offered by Raising the Standards Solutions also covers these ingredients.

People Development

Bianca has presented at a number of national conferences and has also written and published articles on service excellence.

"I strongly believe that given the opportunity and the necessary guidance, all people have the inherent ability to reach their full potential and get the best out of others." - Bianca Filmalter, Director at Raising the Standards Solutions


Bianca Filmalter, founder and Managing Director of Raising the Standards Solutions, is a nationally recognised and award-winning admin expert. She delivers professional project coordination and administrative services - freeing up your time so that you can focus on strategy and project delivery.

Raising the Standards Solutions combines the talents of a group of experts. Each team member is trained and qualified in his or her field of specialisation and held to Raising the Standards Solutions’ high quality service delivery and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Our offering extends further than simple service delivery - or else we would not be raising the standards and achieving our mission. As part of our offering we train your staff to provide the same exceptional service.  Committed to your success, your goals are ours.

Bianca has a BA Honours degree in Psychology, a BA degree in Social Sciences majoring in Psychological Counselling, and a secretarial diploma from Pietersburg Technical College.

Subsequent to familiarising herself with the latest research on ways to reduce employee stress and improve staff morale and productivity, Bianca enrolled for the relevant training and became a qualified laughter therapist.

Her achievements include the development and implementation of a holistic wellness programme for a staff complement of 2500 at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), and the establishment of a sports and recreation programme including the formation of the CSIR Sports and Recreation Club and its seven affiliated clubs. During her career, Bianca has:

  • Received a special mention in the (CSIR’s) Institutional Review Report - referred to as "indefatigable";
  • Presented at a number of national conferences;
  • Published articles in the A-Z for Office Managers;
  • Winner of South Africa’s PA of the Year Award (2006);
  • Winner of the CSIR Corporate Special Award for Excellent Service (2004);
  • One of the 25 finalists in the National Office Professional of the Year Competition (2004); and
  • Miss Personality Award (2001)